Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Out of the backpack

My sister thought that my "out of the backpack" post a few weeks ago should become a regular feature on my blog. Since she is about a third of my audience (wink, wink) I decided to take her suggestion.

Remember the paper plate face that I told you Hailey made in my last post? This is NOT it. This is the paper plate face that Spencer came home with.

Here is what he wrote in case you don't have high power magnifying glasses on. And he knows his address, phone number and where he goes to school - I just choose to keep that information out of the blogosphere.

My name is Spencer. I have a pet cat.

I have 1 brother and 1 sister.

I love littl kids and cats.

I live at...

My phone number is....

I go to

My favorite food is corn on the cob.

I love books.

I like Mishagan State and Mishagan.

My favorite color is pink.

My best friend is D.J.

My favrite subject is Math.

My favrite movie is Litning Theif.

I am in 3rd grade.

I love that he wrote that he likes little kids and cats. So random. I love how he spelled Michigan. And his favorite color is pink? News to me.

Here is the paper plate face that Hailey made in school and had hanging in the hallway for all the office workers and moms and dads to see.

An amazing likeness of her huh? At least she did a little better on the glitter ghost.

I spent the day yesterday putting last minute touches on costumes and baking sugar cookies to take to Hailey's class party this morning. Last night we made our annual "graveyard cake" and carved our pumpkins. I spent the morning in Hailey's class and then dropped her off at Grama's to nap while I went into the boys' school to help with the annual pumpkin carving. Let me just say that counting pumpkin seeds is super fun! Since I have been home I have been trying to locate the popcorn popper so I can air pop a ton of corn to take into school tomorrow for the "ghostly hands" craft. I have also been making baking sheet after baking sheet of orange finger jello that still needs to be cut out with the pumpkin cookie cutter. Metal pans full of boiling water are REALLY hot and REALLY hard to move around!
It is hectic and it is a lot of work, but this is the job that I have always dreamed about. I can't imagine sitting at work behind a desk somewhere and missing all of this. I love it! And I can tell that they do too. The look on their little faces when you walk into their class to help with something is priceless and makes every burn on your finger and jello stain on the floor totally worth it. There will come a day when they will not want me anywhere near their school. And I know that day will be here in what seems like a blink. Today they ran and hugged me when I walked in the classroom. Best job EVER! You could not pay me to be anywhere else!


dr said...

Thanks for following my advice! Loving "out of the backpack"!
Spence really does have a good way with little kids. And cats. What a funny guy. Love that kid.
So glad that you are having fun with all of the Halloween festivities. Wish I had some of your creativity! I agree, I LOVE this mama job too.

jensenbo said...

Love reading Spencer's paper ---- was that homework? So cute!!

You are a busy mommy, Jenna!!