Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day number five!

Hailey woke up dry today and was able to affix the fifth sticker to her chart. She was ecstatic because she knew this meant that a Baby Belle was in her near future.

Five days may not seem like a very lofty goal, but my kids often have a hard time making it to the end of their charts. In the past I have usually done a ten day chart, but ten days is a long time line to dangle in front of a three year old kid and when you add in extra days for those mornings where you wake up and find an accident, the chart can go on forever (much like this sentence) and they are not associating the reward with the goal.

So we headed out to Meijer this morning to mail some picture disks, purchase some chocolate chips for the banana muffins we are going to make and buy Hailey a Baby Belle!

Of course we couldn't find the Baby Belle at Meijer.

She was upset because she HAD to have the Baby Belle so I told her we would go to the Walmart across the street and look there.

Jackpot! Walmart had the whole slew of baby princesses - Belle included. Hailey picked up the box, took a look at Baby Belle and said she didn't want her.


She started perusing all of the other princess paraphernalia that Walmart had to offer and decided that she wanted the "hair accessory tote".

A beauty shop set for a little girl who won't even let me touch her hair. Makes perfect sense huh?

In other totally random news....Dickens got out again last night. A very similar episode to last time except their was another cat involved that he was chasing and I basically had to hunt him down in the dark all by myself. Evan and Hailey were home but spent most of the search crying because it was dark and they were scared. Long story short - we found him - but OH MY LORD am I sick of chasing that cat around! Anyway when Hailey and I got home from the store, Dickens was meowing at the door wanting to get in the garage.

Hailey: Mom? Why does Dickens always want to get out so much?

Mom: I don't know. I think he has the tendencies of wanderlust.

Hailey: Yeah, if he goes out there he is always wandering lost.


dr said...

Yeah, Hailey. Way to go. Potty training is rough and such an ongoing process. That is so funny that she picked the beauty shop kit. What a crazy kid.

jensenbo said...

Love the beauty shop kit!! Good job, Hais!!