Thursday, October 7, 2010


My kids were really freaked out about getting flu shots. When we got to the doctor's office and found out that they could have the flu mist instead of the pokes, they were ecstatic. Evan didn't really like the thought of inhaling something up his nose, so he wanted to know if he could still get the shot. So he did. He never shed a tear. Brave little soldier.

Hailey had school pictures taken this week. When I was getting her dressed for school she asked me if I was going to leave after I took all the pictures. I told her that I wasn't going to take the pictures - someone else was. I thought it was so funny that she is so accustomed to me with a camera in her face she just assumed I was the photographer.

Dickens got out of the house last night. The door opened and he bolted. It was dark out. He ran into the back yard which is darker yet. The kids and I were outside trying to listen for his movement while Trent searched the house for a flashlight. We tracked him all the way to the neighbors woodsy backyard and then he was gone. Spencer ran in an grabbed his treat jar to shake. I really didn't think we would find him. Spencer was very upset. It has frosted the last couple of nights around here and Dickens would not be used to that at all. He is never outside. Finally with the flashlight and the treat shaking we spotted him. I grabbed him and Spencer told me that a "total feeling of relief had just swept over him." He is sensitive. And dramatic. And he really loves that cat - even though I am the only one who ever seems to feed him.

I am trying to night train Hailey. I put a waterproof pad on her bed and two nights ago, put her to bed without a pull up on. She woke up dry. I was thrilled. She was proud. We made a chart with five squares on it. If she stays dry for five nights she gets to pick out a doll from the store. She has her eyes on a Baby Belle doll. So last night we repeated the same routine. Today I am washing sheets.

The kids and I made an apple pie on Monday night. The kids have discovered that they love apple pie. It only lasted two days. Five pieces one night. Five pieces the next. In the days before kids when I baked an apple pie it would last Trent and I a whole week.

Hailey and I went to Target and Goodwill today. We couldn't find any diamonds in the rough at Goodwill. Target had lots of cute stuff that I wanted to buy. Adorable dresses for Hailey. Some awesome Halloween decorations (that I wouldn't have any place for), but they were super cute and festive. I did end up paying way too much for some black and orange candles (for the candelabra I bought on clearance last year). They were four dollars for a pack of three of each color. My candelabra holds five. I bought two packs. I justified it by thinking that by the time I search out cheaper candles Halloween will be over. I thought about painting cheap candles but I don't have any orange spray paint and the cost of that would be as much as the candles.

Evan had his first scout meeting tonight. Isn't he the cutest in his little uniform? He was extremely excited!


jensenbo said...

Oh, Ev, you are so brave to get the shot and so cute in your cub scout uniform!! Love it!!

What a tale about Dickie. Glad you got our Bobcat back safe and sound!! :))

dr said...

Yes, Ev does look so cute in his uniform. Love reading your tidbits. As I told you the other day, it is nearly impossible for me to get out of Target for under $200. And, I did not even look at clothes for the kiddos...