Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out of the backpack

Sometimes the kids bring home work from school that just makes me happy.

There are things they write or draw that I want to remember, but I don't really feel like keeping the actual paper is necessary (I already have enough clutter issues). That is where this blog comes in super duper handy.

This is one of Spencer's latest -

I love how he had to erase the "k" on the end of democratic.

This appears to be taking place in a courtroom. I have to comment on his drawing and coloring skills. I really don't have any basis of comparison, but I think he is a pretty good artist. In any case he has come along way from when he was in four year old preschool and used to color (actually scribble) everything black. It gives me great hope for his sister whose latest artwork is currently adorning the walls of the school. It was supposed to be a self portrait made out of a paper plate and with string for hair. On every other kid's picture you can easily make out facial features. Hailey's face is a black scribble. That is how she wanted it - is what she told me. When it eventually comes home, I will post the evidence.

Spencer's rendition of the Liberty bell.

I love how in this picture he put himself with Dickens.

An office building? A school? Whatever it is, I love the wheels on the chairs.

Nothing says happiness like a snowman!

Here is Evan's latest drawing that made me smile.
It is a leopard with is baby. They are eating a dead buffalo. You can tell it is dead by the crosses on its eyes. This kid slays me.


dr said...

Cute! Great idea of how to preserve memories of their work and minimize the clutter. Make it a regular blog feature!

jensenbo said...

Great jobs on homework, Spence and Ev!! Yes, Spence maybe takes after Grampa J in the art department. Love the details. And where did Ev ever see xx's on the eyes. :) LOL