Monday, October 18, 2010

Art Prize

We let the kids play hooky from school for a couple of hours last Friday and headed to Grand Rapids to see some of the Art Prize entries. It was a gorgeous day. Almost hot. The kids were mostly bored and whined about having to walk all over the city. We came to the conclusion that they are maybe on the young side to appreciate how awesome this event really is.

One of the top ten finalists.

They never amaze me with their ability to sniff out a park nearby or any kind of ride in the vicinity. The museum has a carousel and they wasted no time telling us that was where they wanted to be.

This is not a great photo, but I wanted to document Hailey in her "waving to us wherever she is" phase. She always waves to us lately. At gymnastics after she does her trick. At school when she is in line walking back from the gym. At the pumpkin patch while jumping on the giant pillow. She is a waver - and it is totally cute.

This was also in the top ten and it was Evan's favorite entry. A giant penny made out of tons of regular size pennies. Very, very cool.

A close up of the penny.

While we were walking around downtown we saw a bridal party getting photos taken in front of some of the buildings. Hailey was mesmerized by the bride and the girls in their fancy dresses. She kept saying "Mom! I never saw a real live married girl before!" Then went on to repeat for the rest of the night, "You may kiss the bride!".

The kids LOVED this car filled with rubber duckies. I don't know if it was an art entry or a chance to win the car or what. They didn't care. They thought it was awesome. I think the building and the sky reflected in the car window is kind of awesome.

Self portrait. The only picture of me from the whole day.

Ladies face made out of corks. So cool.

The giant pig in the back ground was also a top ten finalist. I heard a rumor that it is staying where it is in front of the BOB in downtown GR. This one was one Spencer's favorites. He really liked the coffin made out of cigarettes - well actually signing the guest book next to the coffin made out of cigarettes.

While we were walking back to our car we came across this guy playing the didgeridoo. Apparently my kids inherited their father's love of street performers because my kids were enthralled with him - especially Hailey and Evan. They were on the ground in front of this didgeridoo hitting the cement to the music and dancing around. They are such characters.

And now I know how Hailey got the tops of her BRAND NEW shoes scuffed up on the first day she wore them!

Art Prize is amazing! But I think next year we will get a sitter and see a lot more of the entries without the constant whine fest we had dragging along with us. They were good for the ages they are - we just forget sometimes that they are the ages they are.


jensenbo said...

You got some great shots of some spectacular art!! I love your self-portrait shot!!
What's a didgeridoo??? Never heard of it.

dr said...

Great photos. What a neat event, and so much national media coverage, too. We hope to make it one of these days. Great asset to GR. The kiddos will be more interested in a couple of years. Anyway, you have some wonderful images. Fun!