Monday, October 25, 2010


One of my newest hobbies is thrifting. Goodwill. Garage Sales. Consignment shops. I don't get much of an opportunity to engage in it, but when I do, I love to see what I can come home with for a bargain.

A lot of Hailey's clothes are thrifted. Which is so funny when I think back on how much money I spent on Spencer's clothes from department stores, Old Navy or the GAP. What a waste of money and creativity. I remember getting Christmas cards when Spencer was little and seeing all the cute little smiling boy faces all dressed in the same red snowflake GAP sweater that Spencer was wearing on our card. Don't get me wrong, I do still purchase clothes for my kids that have not been previously owned but they are mostly from Meijer, Walmart or TJ Maxx.

Poor Hailey is forced to model her new duds when we throw an outfit together because I always think she looks so cute.

A two dollar Goodwill find. GAP leopard print sweater. When we got home I realized it was missing a button. The buttons are sort of diamond-y looking. Click on the photo and it will make it big and then really look at the buttons. I found some at the craft store but when I got them home realized they were just a little bigger than the ones on the sweater. Because I have a sickness, I thought a big button in the middle of the sweater would look goofy. So I cut the button off of the top and moved it to the missing spot and sewed the big button as the first button of the sweater. That is my kind of crazy. Sew on two buttons instead of one. Make MORE work for yourself. It is so cute though - and a size 6/7 so it should fit her for at least another year.

Don't miss the "hands on your hip and your finger on your lip" pose. Or the shocking red fingernail polish she picked out. I love this white peasant-y blouse. One dollar at Goodwill.

Black GAP poncho. Two dollars at Goodwill. I am a sucker for a poncho. I don't know what was up with the light in that photo. If you knew how many tries it took me to get a picture where her face wasn't completely washed out you would never believe me. I must have had something set wrong on the camera. Good grief.

Finally, it takes a pretty stylish little girl to rock out her brothers outgrown camo pants. She calls them her hunting pants and claims she can wear them out geocaching with Daddy. I don't dress her like a boy very often. I already have two boys to dress - I like her to be girly. But I think the flowers on the shirt and hat accomplish that. The shoes are another story - sometimes you just have to pick your battles.
On a totally unrelated note: One of my favorite drink mix makers - The Frozen Slushie company is having a giveaway. If you have a blog and mention them on your blog - they will send you one of their yum-o drink mixes for free. They are amazingly delicious and the little dotted bags they come in are the cutest! Go check them out!


Brandi said...

Yep, I did the same thing with Bubba... total Baby Gap wardrobe right down to the shoes and socks. Ridiculous. Now I make it my personal mission to see how cheap I can be.

I was looking at the out-of-season clearance stuff at Target the other day and laughed at myself when I turned up my nose at something that wasn't marked down enough for my taste (it was $7).

Great finds, and Hailey looks adorable in everything!

jensenbo said...

Good job finding all these great clothes bargains for the kids! They are adorable on Hais. You wore tons of hand-me-downs from all your girl cousins --- (not too different:).
I love going to second-hand stores -- you can find so many "trash-to-treasures" gems!! :)

dr said...

As you know, one of my new passions is thrifting, too. Why pay full price for what you could get for a bargain. Geez, can you imagine my 13 - 18 year old self EVER saying that? Hopefully our girls will be a little more laid back than my childhood brand-obsessed self.
Come to Madison next Spring to hit some of the big neighborhood garage sales. They will not disappoint!