Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It sure does.

In between fetching candy for Hailey, I have been trying to put out the fall decorations. It seems harder this year. I think that is partly due to all of my "help" and partly due to the fact that I no longer have a mantle or an entertainment center top on which to place all of my decor. I have to get creative.
Since I had the camera out anyway, I snapped a couple shots of our festiveness.

Our mad scientist area. I love this. I made the boo sign a couple of days ago. I found the idea on someone's blog and now can't find it. Just so no one thinks I am taking credit for it.

My sweet little Halloween babies dressed up in their first costumes.

And just because I am a total sucker for anything vampire. Ha! Get it?


Lesley said...

As always, you are so creative!! Love the mad scientist area and your sign!!

jensenbo said...

Love all your cute decorations!! Very festive!!

jensenbo said...

ps ---- Very cute pics of Hays!!

dr said...

Love your decos. Mom tried to get mine in shape last week with her decorating with style techniques! That Hailey sure has a sweet tooth.