Sunday, October 24, 2010

Children of the (anti) Corn (maze).

Last weekend we headed out on our annual tradition to the pumpkin patch. Although this pumpkin patch is actually becoming more of a pumpkin like Disneyland. How I long for just a regular ol' pumpkin patch where my kids can find the perfect gourd, play in some hay or cornstalks and maybe, just maybe have a cup of hot apple cider and a warm sugar donut. Why does every place we find have to get bigger and add more "attractions" and get exponentially more expensive every year?

The kids were crazy about feeding the animals. I was a good mom and let them do their thing without my own distaste for barn animals and their disgusting germy mouths hinder their enjoyment.

They jumped to their little hearts content on the giant jumping pillow.

I almost titled this post "The day I should have attempted my Christmas card photo". I took a lot of pictures of the three kids together at the pumpkin patch and I swear that in almost every photo they ALL look good. I am in genuine awe over the happy faces and the normal (dare I say cute?) looks on their faces. Too bad that I would never be able to live with myself if I even attempted to turn a photo with a pumpkin or some cornstalks into a Christmas card. It will never happen.

But seriously - just look at them!

All three rode on the pedal bikes. This picture makes me laugh. My three road hogs in brown.

Spencer is becoming quite the little photog. I decided that I should at least show up at the pumpkin patch since I never made it to Art Prize. Ha!

You see what I mean?

Evan getting ready for a spin on the Boo train.

Spencer looking like he just realized that he is probably way too old for the Boo train.

Bunky on the Boo train. She LOVED it!

Chili dog and Cheeto faces. Maybe that is why they are so happy.

Ah...the corn maze. Spencer and Trent really wanted to do the corn maze. We all had tickets since the kids had wristbands for the whole park (I mean PATCH!). We finally convinced Evan and Hailey that it would be fun. It wasn't fun. Hailey begged to be carried the whole time. It was crowded so we basically just followed the same people through the maze. Last year it was a little haven of refuge from the wind. This year it was HOT. We came to the conclusion that next year we are NOT going to do the corn maze. We will give it a couple more years to grow on them.

You call it corn. We call it MAZE! (Get it?)

My children of the corn are super cute though.

After emerging from the dreaded maze and getting something to drink, we headed to the pumpkin patch to finish up the day.

The boys each picked out their pumpkin. Hailey already had a pumpkin at home that I begrudgingly bought her at Meijer for three dollars and ninety nine cents. I thought the price seemed high. Had I known how much the pumpkins the boys picked out were going to cost, they all would have been getting pumpkins from Meijer. Over thirteen bucks for two pumpkins! If some teenagers come by and smash those things I am going to hunt them down!

While in the patch, Hailey hit a wall of exhaustion and the fleeting few hours of perfect photos came to an end. Can you see Hailey's face in this picture? It is scary - she looks like she wants to kill me.

So we headed home with a bag full of apples, a gallon of cider, a half dozen donuts and our two gold filled pumpkins. All in all a pretty great day at Pumpkinland.


dr said...

Ha ha ha. Love this post! Made me laugh out loud. Spencer, realizing he is too old for the boo train. That is funny. Beautiful shots of the kids. If I didn't know you so well I would agree that they are perfect for holiday cards.
Our pumpkin patches are also becoming theme parks around here. This year we kept it simple and went to the old fashioned orchard/patch/hayride kind of place, but I think we are moving into the era of Pumpkinland. Ah, agritourism is good business.

Brandi said...

Your Christmas cards are going to suck. Kidding, kidding!!! HAHAHA! I'm afraid I used up all the 'good' on the fall pics too. There's no way I'll get good Christmas card shots. It's statistically impossible. You got some FABULOUS pics! And it was nice to see YOU! :)

jensenbo said...

What's wrong with a pumpkin patch Christmas card again?? I love the shots of the kids --- so great!!

Looks like you all had a fun,fun time in "Disney" Pumpkinland!!