Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday bargain hunting

I wanted to do a lot of garage-saleing this summer. But summer is crazy and summer gets so busy - I managed to get out once while my sister was in town early in July. We hit some good ones and found lots of bargains. It was fun to have someone to go with that enjoyed the hunt like I do.

Sunday is not a very popular garage-saleing day, but my Mom and I read about a big moving sale being held in a pretty affluent neighborhood on a Sunday. We thought that we might as well check it out. The sale was held on Saturday too, but since it POURED here on Saturday, we figured they wouldn't have been very busy so there would be lots of stuff left.

We were wrong.

When we drove by at first we thought we had the wrong house because it looked like they had nothing left. After checking the address and determining that this house was in fact the correct house - we ventured in to see what we could find.

They didn't have too much, but most of what they had was pretty good stuff.

Hailey spotted these boots right away and was hooked. They were three dollars. The seller probably would have taken two for them but I need to work on my bargaining assertiveness. They were in good shape. They were a couple of sizes too big, but all the better to grow into my dear. Plus we all know how my Hailey loves her a good pair of boots!

Three Scooby Doo DVD's and five Magic Schoolbus DVD's - six dollars. These were all bundled together, but it couldn't have been a more perfect bundle. My boys LOVE Scooby Doo movies.
They are also fascinated by the Magic Schoolbus series and I can't find it on TV anymore. I always loved those because they were so educational. I learned things I didn't know watching that show.

The seller gave Hailey this cute pair of shades and a case just because she thought she was cute. I guess I need to take her with me more often.

Last but certainly not least, our girl has her first big girl bike as of today. It was marked at thirty dollars and I knew it was worth the price especially with a helmet included, but I was still hemming and hawing because I knew she didn't really NEED it yet and we usually get the kids a bike for their fourth birthday. But then I thought - here is a perfectly good bike for cheap when the one we will buy in January will be well over fifty dollars and plus - IT WILL BE JANUARY! She won't get to ride her birthday present for months! What kind of a gift is that? My hesitation paid off because the seller walked over and told me that she didn't want to pack it back up and would take twenty five for it. SOLD!

I was pretty happy with my purchases today. Maybe Hailey and I will start going to some sales on Friday mornings while the boys are at school. Because that is what we need - more STUFF around here!


Lesley said...

what great finds!!! that is the same bike amaya had as her "big girl bike".

dr said...

Yea, Garage Sales! I wish I could go garage-saling with you this week. Oh how I love a good bargain. Looks like you got some great finds.