Monday, September 13, 2010


I was helping Spencer with his spelling homework tonight when Evan walked over and asked if he could practice writing sentences while he waited for Spence to finish.

Um? Sure you can!

When I saw him writing his sentence I couldn't stop smiling. He was sounding out words. He was stretching words. He was leaving finger spaces between words. He was simply doing an awesome job!

It may not look like much but what I saw tonight was so far from where he started. I couldn't be more proud of my first grade boy! Can you read it?

I like to go to the park.


dr said...

Great job, Evan. That is super that he is interested in practicing his writing. Definitely keep encouraging that. Sounds like he is enjoying first grade so far.

Lesley said...

that is awesome!!! He is definitely above the average joe! no suprise there!

jensenbo said...

Way to go, Voo!!! I knew you could do it!!

And the fact that he initiates it is great!!