Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crazy hair day and crazy cute "Hai"

Today was crazy hair day at school. The boys told me yesterday was crazy hair day but yesterday was actually "wear your favorite team" day. Luckily yesterday's hair-do wasn't quite this crazy.

I have never noticed it before, but I am loving their exact same hairlines.

I wonder if it will still be spiked up when they get home? Last year I put spikes all over Evan's head and he was mad at me because he thought he looked like a girl. This year he didn't want them either until he saw Spencer with them. It is hard to resist the power of the spikey faux hawk.

I took these photos of Hailey before school yesterday. I could not get over how cute she looked. I seriously can't believe how cute her little legs look in leggings.

And that sweater? Can someone tell me where they sell that in mommy size?

"Walk. Walk. Fashion baby. Work it. Move that thing c-razy." She loves to prance around to me singing Lady Gaga songs.

Photo note: I didn't edit these pictures in PSE. I used the software that came with my camera. I liked how they looked while they were in the program, but they are coming across on the blog way too dark for my liking. I guess that proves that the extra effort in PSE is worth it.


dr said...

Nice 'dos, guys. Very edgy.

Love Hai's get-up. Very stylish. She looks so stinkin' big. I always dress Mira in rags for school because she gets paint, chalk, lunch, etc. all over her clothes.

jensenbo said...

Oh, how funny!! I'm laughing my head off at the spikes!! They both look so cute!!

And I love Hai's outfit and photos!! She a diva --- that's for sure!!