Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hailey was the snack helper at school today. She was so excited. She has been looking forward to it for a week. When I asked her how it went she said "Good. Everyone said thank you". Now she can't wait until she can be snack helper again.

I am painting again. Nothing major. Just a little something I picked up at Goodwill for two dollars.

Hailey has a hard time saying "Mrs.". When she says it, it always comes out sounding like "Emes" (Em-S). She says "Emes Black" for the game she and Evan play with Grama. She tells me that she wants to go visit our neighbor "Emes Lynch". Oddly though she says "Mrs." correctly when referring to her teacher.

I just switched out the frames that hold my kids' school pictures with the school pictures from this year that they just brought home. In doing this I realized that I totally skipped a year. I never displayed their pictures from 2nd grade and Kindergarten - which totally adds weight to my thought of why I even bother to order any but the bare minimum.

I made some baby steps kind of headway in our office/den today. Then I came downstairs from putting Hailey down for her nap and found that Dickens had thrown up on the carpet in the office/den. This made me totally identify with the song lyric "sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug". God bless you Spot Shot.

My girl on the first day of Fall eating a push-up. It was in the eighties today. It doesn't really seem like Fall yet.

I bought two Christmas presents today. Look at me go! I have decided this year to try a little harder to spread out the debt.

Both Evan and Spencer are in Cub Scouts this year. Last night was their first pack meeting. While I was trying to get them to shove food down their throats and get their uniforms on the doorbell rang. I told them to tell whatever friend was there that they couldn't play. It turned out to be two sixth grade girls (neighbors) and a cute sixth grade boy wondering if they could play. Spencer told them he couldn't because he had to eat then go to Scouts. I told Trent when he got home that some cute, older girls came over wanting to play with Spence and he told them he couldn't because he was going to Scouts. To which Trent replied "He should have just said he was going to dorks."

I don't mean to totally rip on Scouts. It is a great program and my kids really enjoy it. Let's face it, my boys are never going to be super athletes. If they want to be Scouts - they can be Scouts.

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jensenbo said...

Forget dorks or athletes --- NOT!! They are the cutest and nicest boys around --- whether they play sports or go to cub scouts. :)