Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of school!

I am short on words right now because my thoughts are consumed with worry about things much more important than posting on a blog.

But yesterday was the boys' first day of school and there are a few things that I want to remember about that day. Things that make me happy. And when you are going through times when you feel the hardness of life - things that make you happy are good.

We were able to go to the school last night to meet the kids' teachers and see their classrooms. It was mostly old hat for Spencer who is embarking on his fifth year at the school, but Evan was as excited as he could be. He couldn't wait to show us his desk that opened! It opens - like a secret hatch kind of! He could barely contain himself as he pulled out one pencil after another and took them to the pencil sharpener to put a fine point on them. When I was able to speak to his teacher she told me that she was so excited to have Evan in class this year (she had Spence in first grade also). I told her that he was very excited about first grade and apparently the most excited about sharpening pencils. I had to laugh when she told me that all day long between lessons he would go to the sharpener and sharpen his pencil. She finally told him that if he kept on sharpening that pencil he wasn't going to have a pencil left! I guess now we know what to get him for Christmas.

Evan lost his lunch case on his first day. He didn't know that he was supposed to put it in his locker after lunch and just left it in the cafeteria. We found it in the lost and found while we were at the open house. So typical of one of my kids to lose something on the first day of school.

It warmed my heart tonight while I was tucking Evan in and told him that I was glad he liked first grade when he said that he still sometimes missed me during the day. I told him that I missed him too, but that tomorrow morning we would do "kissing hands". He liked that idea a lot.

The bus stop is HUGE this year! All in all a good start to the school year - at least the school part of it. If you have a minute, please keep my family in your prayers - we could use them right now.


dr said...

Hope the boys' entire first week went well. Excited for Miss Wee to start next week, too!
These shots make me happy, too. Thanks for posting them and brightening my week!

jensenbo said...

Great photos of the boys on their
1st day back. I love the one of them walking down the street. And Voo, how sweet of him to say he still missed you. :))