Saturday, September 25, 2010

Catch all tray and what's up next...

When you spend a month during the summer painting furniture, the most important thing that is drilled into your paint fume dizzy head is that outward appearances mean nothing. A good rule to live by in everyday life as well.

So when I spotted this little gem at Goodwill last week I saw nothing but potential. I wanted a tray to set by our phone that could hold keys, sunglasses, cell phones, change - basically all the junk that accumulates when we walk in the door. This old silverware sorter was wooden, which I wanted and it was two dollars.

A few quick coats of black spray paint and it is exactly what I was wanting and looking for.

As an added bonus, the open handles on the sides are perfect for the cell phone charging cords to run through. Eliminating unsightly cords all over the place.

Now that little job is finished I am on to my next task. Any guesses?

When I got out my sewing stuff to start this project I couldn't find any white thread. White thread is essential to this project. So before I could start sewing I decided to clean out my sewing caddy and organize my thread. I found two spools. See how much better it is to be organized? I know it's true. If only there were more hours in the day.

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jensenbo said...

Very crafty indeed!! Good job in finding those "trash to treasures". Your tray looks good and will serve a very useful purpose. :)