Monday, September 6, 2010

So long summer!

We had an amazing summer. Hot weather - the kind of heat that forces you to run your air conditioner more often than you can ever recall running it in previous years. Warm lake temperatures - warm as in not falling below the high sixties and mostly hovering in the seventies. I don't ever recall in my almost forty years of living here a summer where the water just stayed warm all summer long. It always seemed to fluctuate between warm and cold depending on the day.

Here it is labor day weekend and our summer is ending in a way that does not seem fitting for how incredible a summer it was.

My kids on the beach on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. This beach should be standing room only at this point - not a soul to be found. And do you notice what my kids are wearing? Not exactly beach attire.

They are still pretty cute, even when they are freezing their tiny booties off!

Later Saturday we had a bonfire on our deck and we all wore jackets. Jackets and bonfires and summer weekends just don't seem to go together.

We had a visit from a skeleton pirate complete with treasure map made out of an old piece of cardboard he tore apart. Don't think for a second that I am not trying to convince Spencer that this should be his Halloween costume. I am being a bit of an overachiever with my sewing projects and I don't think I can make three costumes this year.

Evan shows off his prize winning stick gathering skills and his sudden desire to "pose" for every picture I take of him.

These are Spencer's marshmallows. He still adheres to the "burn and blow" method where I am more of a golden brown snobby sort.

Hailey with her new haircut (courtesy of her Mommy) and a little bit of marshmallow on her face.

The biggest brother, with a lot of marshmallow on his face, enjoying his last s'more of the summer. Of course there is always Fall....
On Sunday we drove to a park up north and hiked around in the woods for almost four hours. We were hunting for a pirate themed, multi-stage geocache that Trent has been jonesing to find for over a year now.

Hailey pretty much cried the whole time and wanted to be carried by her Daddy.

The boys had a great time and never complained once. And they even missed lunch because it took way longer than we thought it would.

Not a bad view huh?

And what could be better after finding eighteen hidden clues than a giant treasure chest at the end?

So long summer! We are already counting down the days until next year!

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jensenbo said...

Love the pics and the great post. I agree ---- the summer was awesome ---- sad to see it go. Hope next year is just as nice!

ps. Congrats on finding the treasure chest!!