Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marching to the beat of his own drummer....

I cleaned the basement today. I am beginning to feel my annual fall urge to purge. It always seems to hit me at this time of year that Christmas is only a couple of months away and we are bursting at the seams with toys, toys and more toys.

In anticipation of having some items from my father in laws house that we are going to have to find a home for in our storage area - I attempted to make a dent in there as well. I went through a couple of bins of hand me downs that had been given to my kids and then quickly ran out of steam.

One of the hand me downs I found was a nylon Harley Davidson jacket. I put it in Evan's room thinking that he would love it for playing dress up.

Dress up. Schmess up. He wanted to wear it. Out in public. With soccer pants and Crocs. My boy has a flair for fashion.

We were headed to the Halloween store to get Spencer's costume so I figured there really wasn't any better place to wear such a getup.

I am learning to pick my battles.

That boy cracks me up! If only we hadn't missed "bike time" this year. He would have been the cutest little biker guy in town!


Lesley said...

that jacket is SWEET!!!!!

jensenbo said...

What a riot! Save the Harley jacket for next year ---- it will still fit him. What a character he is!!

dr said...

I love the jacket and the pose. That boy is a character. I sure do love him!