Monday, March 2, 2009

Sugar high

Hailey has acquired a taste for donuts or as she calls them "nonotes". Toward the end of our shopping trip when we are in the deli/bakery section she scopes out the bakery case that holds them. She gets an excited look on her face and starts pointing toward them and shouting "NONOTES! NONOTES!" repeatedly until I go to the case and put one in a bag for her.

I tell myself that this is not going to happen every week. It is not like a donut is exactly health food. But I always seem to cave since I love the way she says it so much.

And the mess on her face? She has become Miss Independent and her favorite phrase to me is "Ah Doot!" Translation: I do it! So I have to give her the towel first and let her attempt to clean herself and then trick her into letting me wipe her kisser by telling her she missed a little spot.

Photo note: All of these pictures were taken within a few seconds of each other so I don't know what the deal with a different color in each photo is all about. I did have my zoom lens on from the other day and no time to change it - it has issues focusing so close up on someone. Maybe that has something to do with it.


jensenbo said...

What a cute little, messy kisser!! Great pics of little Hais and her nonuts!! Sounds like she's got a sweet tooth. :)

fisher said...

Cute little girl!! Messy face and all.