Saturday, March 28, 2009

Me through the eyes of Evan - almost 5 years old.

Evan's answers to the same questions....

What is something I always say to you?
You love me.

What makes me happy?

What makes me sad?
When we lose things.

How do I make you laugh?
When you tickle me.

What did I like to do when I was a child?
Go to your Grama's...I think.

How old am I?

How tall am I?
Eighteen pounds.

What is my favorite thing to watch on TV?
Your shows at night.

If I become famous, what will it be for?
A cactus.

What am I really good at?
Wii Fit.

What am I not really good at?
Star Wars Wii...but your kinda good.

What do I do for my job?
You used to go to you eat.

What is my favorite food?

What makes you proud of me?
Buying me toys.

If I was a cartoon character, who would I be?
A clone.

What do you and I do together?
Play Wii.

How are you and I the same?
We both have brown eyes.

How are you and I different?
I'm are big.

How do you know I love you?
Cause you say it to me everyday.

What do I like most about Dad?
When he gives you flowers.

Where is my favorite place to go?
To the cabin... I think.

Photo note: Both of my boys need a haircut in the worst way. It looks OK in the pictures but in real life...not so much.


jensenbo said...

Evan's answers sound alittle more accurate/intelligent than Spence's;
Maybe Spence wasn't concentrating as much. :)

ps. Actually I love their hair long --- they are both dolls!!

ps. don't get it cut too short. :)

dr said...

A cactus?
Go to your gramas, I think!
How sweet, little Evers is always a sweetie. I just want to squeeze this little guy, I miss them all so much!

Anonymous said...

Adorable comments Jen! Cute way to get their perspective right now. This is a great way to go about making a gift for anybody. Ask the kids about them and then get creative.
love-cousin Kate