Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oliver Dickens and Derby Day!

I didn't realize how much that sounded like the title of a book from the fifties.

It has been almost 48 hours since the newest member of our family arrived. When I got home from photography class on Tuesday night I could hear the squeals of joy from the garage as the boys chased the kitty around the house. They informed me that they had changed his name to Dickens since he "runs like the dickens". I realized the next day that Dickens also happens to be the author of Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens - fairly famous. Yeah - next day - it was after nine at night - my brain was pretty much fried. I have been calling him Oliver Dickens. Spencer claims his name is Dickens Milo. He copied the name Milo from his buddy's cat. Evan this morning called him Dickens McNarland. The latter after a boy in his class. Who knows what name the poor little kitty will wind up with.

He has been great so far. Using his litter box. Sleeping in the leopard print diva bed that Spence picked out for him. He is very playful and very social. He LOVES being around people. The boys have been super busy every day and evening since we got him so he seems to have fixated to me. I am not an animal person and for some reason animals sense this and just flock to me. He is sitting on my lap trying to grab my fingers as I type right this minute. He follows me around and meows to be picked up and petted. If I don't pick him up he gets his claws into my pant leg and starts climbing up my body.

He is basically Hailey in kitten form.

Having Dickens in the house sort of reminds me of when we brought Spencer home from the hospital. It took awhile to get used to the new dynamic in the house. I remember feeling like someone had given us this baby to take care of and would be back anytime to take him back. It is the same way with the kitty - minus the overwhelming feelings of love and hormones.

I hope he becomes attached to someone else soon because frankly, I am running out of unconditional love to give. Especially when LOST is on! Though his eyes do remind me a little of Richard Alpert from LOST - they are rimmed with black - he looks like he is wearing guyliner.

Tonight is the big Cub Scout Pinewood Derby! Spencer was pretty excited to go and race his little car! The picture doesn't really do it justice. I should have turned it around so that you could see the flames he painted. That is what he named it - Flame Thrower. Sounds menacing huh?

At least he did the painting all by himself. That is what they are supposed to do, but so many of the Dad's do it for their kids. Seems like a point is getting missed there somewhere.

Stay tuned for the next chapter...


jensenbo said...

Little Dickens is such a cutie. I enjoyed being with the little kitty yesterday. He's so little and frisky. Funny you compare him to Hailey!! You might be right --- he does seem to be cling-on. :)

Good job, Spence with your Derby car!! And so happy you finally have a kitty to love. (Beside Favorite Kitty, that is) :)

jules said...

Aw, I can't wait to meet your newest member! What a cutie! I miss having a cat around, but we "think" both kids are allergic, so it's not happening for us.

What a great Derby Car Spencer, Bryce keeps wanting to take Ryan's car home, it's at Grandma and Grandpa house, he won the race way back when, he put two people inside of it, and it weighted it down, I think the people were actually sinkers for fishing. Bryce saw Spencer's car and said I want it....

dr said...

Oliver is a cutie. I hope he is well behaved. I laughed at this post so hard - "Hailey in kitten form..." Ha ha