Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He'll soon be meeting with Mr. Miles

Evan: In school we are learning about wedder.

Mom: You have been learning about letters all year. Like Ally Alligator, Bubba Bear - those are all letters.

Evan: Not wedders! Wedder!

Mom: (Grasping...) Like being wet?

Evan: No! Wedder!

Mom: I am sorry Ev, but I don't know what you mean. Can you describe "wedder" to me?

Evan: (After thinking for a minute) You know, like snow or sunny days...


Evan: Yeah - wedder!

Mom: So someone gets to be the weather boy each day?

Evan: Mom - it could be a wedder grr-oww! (girl)

I LOVE his accent. Some might call it a speech impediment - I say potato/potatoe. At times (like this one) it can be hard to decipher what he is saying, but when you do it is SO worth it.


dr said...

I love Evan's manner of speaking, too. It is precious. I didn't see Mr. Miles for my "pwoblem" until I was in maybe 2nd grade.

jensenbo said...

Love him!! So cute!!

fisher said...

I, too, love the way he talks! I can just hear him saying Grr oww, for girl.