Wednesday, October 3, 2012


One of the traditions we started years ago is our Survivor "party".  On nights the show is on, the kids get to stay up an hour later and we usually make some sort of yummy treat to enjoy while watching.  I remember doing the same thing with Little House on the Prairie when I was young.   I am sure Little House was much more wholesome than Survivor, but aside from the skimpy bikinis and the occasional bleep from the censors, the kids might learn a little bit about social relations. 
Another part of the tradition that came about a few years back, is that during the show the kids like to build their own "shelter" which they hang out in while watching.  Most of the time the shelter is as simple as a blanket draped over two chairs, but on occasion they tend to get a little elaborate.  Tonight Hailey started about an hour before the show started and came up with a pretty fancy little living space.  She even got props from her brothers.  When Spencer came over and tried to pilfer one of her blankets, Evan stood up for her and told him to leave it alone because she really worked hard to make it.  Heart swelling moment of mama pride and love.   

She was super excited to show it to me and I decided that I would do her one better by hanging out in the shelter with her for a while.   I had just finished reading an article about moms being in photos with their kids, so I set up the timer to get a photo of her and her weary looking mommy. 

And now I am going to go talk a long walk with my calf size upper arms and bags under my eyes that could hold groceries.   This mom needs some primping before the camera comes out!

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