Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our little Nancy

Hailey checked the original Fancy Nancy book out of the library this week.   We don't own this Nancy book so unlike all the others, it was new material for her.   She was fascinated by the part where Nancy offers her family lessons on how to be fancy.  So fascinated that she concocted a plan of her own.

She tried to make the "signs" by herself, but quickly got frustrated by the sheer amount of letters and begged me to write them for her.  "Just one more Mom? Please?"  I must have written out at least ten. Then she got some tape and went to work taping them all over the house and on the doors and windows.  This one is on our front door sidelight.

Then she brought me scraps of paper and had me write random words on them.  "Write scary.  Write fancy.  Write not pretty. Write kind of fancy."  I had no idea what she was doing with these until I went to her room later and saw this:

There is a page in the Nancy book where Nancy had stuff set out in her room and labeled fancy and not fancy.  My little girl has a great memory.  Or maybe I just don't notice the pictures as much since I am looking at the words.

This was the area she set up for the actual fancy lessons to take place.   The cutest part was the next day when she showed me the outfit she had picked out to wear to school.   My kids have never given one rip about what they wear so this was new to me. 

I was pretty impressed.  It was a cute, matching outfit and I totally would have let her wear it to school if the forecast hadn't been a high of forty five degrees and rain.   We went to her closet and "Fancy Hailey" picked something a little more seasonally appropriate.  My kids have a hard time with seasonally appropriate but that is a post all in itself. 

Fancy Nancy had to go back to the library today, so I am anxiously awaiting today's pick.

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