Monday, October 1, 2012


I was so tired and grumpy yesterday.  I was not in the mood to do anything, but when you have three little kiddos in your household, doing nothing is not an option.   I had been putting off getting out the Halloween decorations for a couple of weeks.  The kids spot stuff in neighbors windows or in yards as we drive by and beg to follow suit.  I told the kids we don't get them out until after Daddy's birthday.  Daddy's birthday came and went and in true kid fashion they never forget anything that you want them to forget.  So we got the Halloween decor out.  Them with a passion for all things festive, and me wanting to put barely an ounce of energy into it. 
I was not trying to be anti holiday, it was just that in the last four days we have been to Artprize twice.  We were in Lansing for a Spartan game all day Saturday.  Throw in Trent's birthday and our anniversary.   No exercise (besides walking Artprize and the stadium) because I am trying to nurse my plantar faciitis and a whole lot of junk food that hasn't been on the diet in the last six weeks.  My body and mind were done.
I am much better today.  I am ready to get after the house and what needs to be done with new vigor.  I got back on the fitness track with a run/walk already this morning.  Heck I might even try to whip up a Halloween craft that the kids can do after school today. 
We did do this yesterday which made me and a little girl I know very happy.
Isn't it the best???  I upcycled it from a house my cousin is working on.  The minute I saw it I fell in love with it.  It is way better than any chandelier I could have imagined for her room. 


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