Monday, October 22, 2012

A gourd-geous day!

I kind of hate myself a little bit for that title, but the creative juices are just not flowing this afternoon.  

Sunday was a perfect fall day.  A perfect day for getting the kids out of bed, packing in the car and heading for a pumpkin patch up north.  Trent had already made plans to be there so the scouts could navigate through the corn maze (part of one of the badges they have to earn - not corn mazes, but directions in general).  Hailey and I had plans to go to a play later in the afternoon so we were going to stay home, but with promises to be home by two o'clock, we decided not to miss an opportunity to join in fall festivities.  Besides - we still needed to get pumpkins!

This picture is photographic proof of how Hailey managed to get her pink coat full of mud within five minutes of arriving.

Spencer brought along a tape measure just to make sure his pumpkin was the exact right size?  What the what?  I have no idea what he was doing.

I had to post this picture because just look at that tall drink of water.

It wasn't long before the perfect pumpkins were picked and paid for and we all headed over to the jumping pillow.

This farm grows every year.  I swear they must add two or three new attractions every fall.  I don't like when farms get too commercial.  The sheer amount of people drives me crazy.  We have learned in our parenting years that first thing on a Sunday morning yields an almost empty farm wonderland.

Ah...the petting zoo.  I really hate this part of the day, but the kids love it.  The hand sanitizer was flowing freely.

Spencer trying to lasso a fake steer.  I wish the kid jumping in the back was Evan or Hailey.  How funny would that have been?

It was a fun filled day at the farm!

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