Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arty Sunday

On Saturday Trent took the kids to an art competition that was going on downtown called "8 in 8".  Eight local artists had eight hours to create a piece with only materials that were provided to them based on the theme "the future".   I believe they also were allocated fifteen dollars and ten minutes in the dollar store to get some additional materials.  One thing they purchased had to be included in their piece as well as three things that were provided to them by the judges.
The kids thought it was one of the coolest things they had ever seen and on Saturday night informed us that they wanted to have their own art competition the next day.  Sunday turned out to be a rainy, crumby day - the perfect kind of day to get your art on.  We got out all of our art supplies and announced to them that they would have one hour to complete an imaginary creature.  (Hailey has a school assignment to create an imaginary creature so I thought we could kill two birds with one stone with this little competition).  Spencer in his sporadic preteen angst decided he didn't want to do it, he chose to work on his Halloween costume with Dad instead.
Let the competition begin...actually it had been going on for some time at this point.

Spencer and Dad making faces on his LEGO man heads.

I got into the art as well by finishing up the sewing portion of the costumes. 

Evan's finished imaginary creature.  He did a great job.   No one would ever accuse Evan of not having any imagination.


Hailey chose to go with a flat piece instead of a 3-D creature (which pretty much ruined our two birds with one stone thought).  Oh well, just another excuse to get the craft basket out.

After the competition was over, Hailey decided she didn't want to be done crafting.  She filled her palette with more paint and went to work.

I love the banana split she made.  This one is set for a frame on the wall.

I loved the tree with the falling leaves too.

She decided she wanted to give this hand print one to her teacher.

It was a great day.  I love days that we can just hang out at home in comfy clothes and create things.  Days like that are my happy place.

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