Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guts! Guts! Guts!

After weeks of endless begging to do it, last night we FINALLY carved our pumpkins.   Let me first get this off my chest.  I curse the person that came up with those pumpkin carving set thingies with the little kid "safe knives" that bend with the exertion of any minute amount of pressure, but there is a special place on my list for the person who decided to include the carving "templates" along with the carving tools.  What ever happened to carving a good ol' face on your pumpkin?  Why does it have to be an elaborate scene?

 Hailey digging out her guts.

Evan wanted to pretend that he threw up the guts into the pumpkin.  I told him it wouldn't really look that way in the photo.

I told Evan I would help him as long as he made a face.  I refuse the template.  He got right to work on his pirate pumpkin.

Spencer went the way of the "King Ghoul" pumpkin carving template.  You can see by his face how well that choice worked out for him.

The old school carvers (Evan and I) were done in no time at all.  With a pretty fabulous pirate.  Evan carved the eye, nose and mouth all by himself.  He just needed some help with the patch and the scar. The little kit carvers do work well, they just need to be A LOT stronger.

Spencer had to enlist the help of daddy.  Daddy had just finished carving out a witch riding a broomstick for Hailey.

The finished pumpkins.  In all fairness, Spencer's jack o' lantern is in fact a face I guess.  It was just a very elaborate face.

BOO!  Happy Halloween!
We have a big day tomorrow.  I am going on Spencer's class field trip to the cemetery in the morning.  I am sort of regretting my agreement to go at this point since it is going to be cold and rainy with possible snow tomorrow.  Tomorrow afternoon all the kids have their class parties.  I still have to finish my ghostly cupcakes for the kindergarten bash.   Then after school - Trick or Treat!  Unlike the past few years, it looks like this year will be a winter coat over the costume kind of year.  Bummer.  I love their costumes and I hate to cover them up.  Maybe we can bundle underneath somehow.  

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