Friday, October 12, 2012

Project Runway meets Pretty in Pink

I am just going to go ahead and blame Pinterest.

I am not a great sewer.  Seamstress?  Seamstress seems WAY too formal for what I do.  But I am OK at sewing.  I can follow a basic pattern and most of the time make something that looks half way decent. 

I am currently in the throes of working on Hailey's Halloween costume.  She is going to be a cowgirl.  I made her a vest.  A vest is super easy to put together and sew.  It becomes a bit harder when you add a lining and fringe.  Oh my the FRINGE!  Why do you need a lining and fringe for a Halloween costume that she will wear maybe three times?  Because she is my daughter and this is what I do.  I make easy things much harder than they have to be.

I haven't even told you about the skirt yet.  How many little elastic waists skirts have I made in my life?  Lots.  I could practically sew them blindfolded.  That was what I originally planned on making for her cowgirl skirt.  But then one day on Pinterest, I saw a super cute cowgirl skirt that had jean material at the top and the skirt sort of flared around it.  PINTEREST!  So that is what I am attempting to make - with no idea how to begin, with no pattern, with only a little hope that it is going to turn out looking like it does in my head. 

I tend to forget that I am not on Project Runway.  I am not sewing for some amazing job opportunity.  This is a Halloween costume!  In my heart of hearts I know that, but when you mix ideas of grandeur with my perfectionist qualities - it becomes a little scary. 

Keep me in your thoughts. 

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