Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it.

Sometime over Christmas break - I can't remember the exact festive occasion that I was cooking for - Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve or one of the many other days that we had family over or went somewhere with a dish to pass, I took out a stick of butter to let it soften on the counter.

Later that day, I started to make whatever it was I was making and could not find the butter that I set out anywhere. I checked the fridge to see if I absentmindedly put it back in there. I asked Trent if he put it away. I asked the kids if they had seen it or taken it or put it away. The butter was nowhere to be found. I went on a quick search of the house and all of the usual hiding spots and had no luck. It was like it vanished into thin air.

This weekend we continued with our Mission of Organization (or what I like to call MOO) and look what I discovered in a corner of Evan's room packed into a dinosaur bin.

Evan still claims that he never took the butter and doesn't know how it got there. I can't see Hailey taking it and putting it in Evan's room without wiping it all over herself and everything in her path. Maybe I was going to make butter cream frosting to put on cookies or something and wasn't moving fast enough for Evan's liking, so he took the butter to get back at me? I guess I will never know.

The funny thing is that I grabbed the butter expecting it to be totally soft and mushy, but since Evan's room is so cold (we jokingly call it the refrigerator), it felt like we had in fact just taken it out of the refrigerator. Don't worry, we threw it away regardless.


fisher said...

That's funny!!

Brandi said...

That is funny! Lil' Bub is my squirrel. If something is missing, it's ALWAYS him. ;)

jensenbo said...

What a riot!!

Maybe Dickie took it. :)

dr said...

At least it was only a few months old... reminds me of some of the treats we used to stow (and later find) in our bedrooms.