Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My son is a collector. Wherever we go he finds treasures - the beach, the park, even the side of the road. His treasures may look like pieces of trash to some people, but to him their value is immeasurable.

This photo was taken about a year ago on the beach. My other two children were taking advantage of the warm wintry day by running up and down the shore daring the water to lap at their shoes. Evan sat on the beach quietly and searched for these tiny shells.

I know this is not the best composed shot, but I love this photo. This is Evan - always taking note of the little things and trying to hold on to them. I love the look of his hands in this photo. They are still kind of chubby and baby looking. Today is a year later and his hands have grown up just like he has.

His hands may be getter bigger, but that just gives him the opportunity to carry more.

The theme this week at {I Heart Faces} is hands. Head on over there to check out some amazing photographs.


jensenbo said...

Yes, Evan is a collector of most anything ---- I wonder where he gets that trait??? GGJ.

Great photos of his little fingers and the shells.

Brandi said...

That's a great picture! Nothing cuter than chubby little kid hands! ;)

Lena said...

Very sweet. Love the texture!