Monday, February 22, 2010

Geek chic

Spencer had a program last week at school commemorating Martin Luther King. The music teachers must have told the kids to dress up because when I was helping Spencer find something to wear, he asked me if he had a tuxedo. When I told him that he didn't, he wondered if he could wear his tie and sport coat. I told him he could wear a tie, but the sport coat might be a little much. Most of the kids in the show were dressed nicely. The majority of girls had dresses on. The boys had nice sweaters. Spencer and I think one other kid had ties on. A couple kids had on hoodie sweatshirts. Apparently, they didn't listen to the "dress up" instructions. There are always a few it seems.

Here are Spencer's eight and a half year old answers to his interview.

Favorite food: mac and cheese

Favorite drink: cherry coke

Favorite show: Krypto the superdog or Kids Next Door

Favorite color: black

Favorite movie: Bolt

Favorite holiday: Christmas or Halloween

Favorite treat: brownies

Favorite friend at school: Robby

Favorite friend at home: Jacob

Favorite flavor of ice cream: mint chocolate chip

Who is your hero: Mom and Dad

What are you scared of: spiders

Favorite book: cat books

Favorite animal: kittens

Favorite game: Wii bow and arrow

Favorite place to visit: the dells

Favorite subject in school: science

Favorite sport: tennis

Favorite restaurant: The MAC

What do you want to be when you grow up: magician

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jensenbo said...

I thought the little "geek" looked adorable at the MLK program. I was very proud of my grandchild ---seeing him look so handsome in a nice shirt and tie.

Cute answers, Spence!