Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comin' to the rescue is a very special child...

When it comes to being crafty, Evan seems to adhere to the "Go Big or Go Home" motto. I have no idea where he gets it. Ahem. His class project for the month was to pick a famous person. The term "famous" is used very loosely since five year old's don't even really know what it means to be famous. It could be a singer, actor, president, cartoon character, pretty much anyone. They then had to present to the class the person they chose, why they chose them and then show a picture or a puppet they made of the person.

When I first asked Evan who his famous person would be he answered "Barack Obama". I honestly didn't know that he even knew who Barack Obama was. A week or so later I told him he really had to decide on his person because we had to get crackin' on his project. He said "I already told you that I am going to choose BARACK OBAMA!" I told him that was great, but he had to draw a picture or make a puppet of Barack Obama and I asked him if he even knew what Barack Obama looked like. He just looked at me funny for a second and then replied " FINE! I choose Diego then!"

I got out the craft supplies so we could fashion together some sort of Diego puppet. Evan was not on board with the puppet idea, he found a styrofoam ball that he insisted on using for Diego's head. I had no idea how we were going to make a puppet with a foam ball for a head and then I spied the popsicle sticks and my brain went into super craft mode. We can use the craft sticks for a "skeleton" and stick the ball on top for the head. I just happen to have the brown spray paint out in the garage. I must have scrapbook paper scraps the color of Diego's clothes. Oh...but what to use for hair?

Diego's hair was a major source of stress. The rest of him was coming together great. We had fuzzy pompom balls that didn't look right, brown felt that just wouldn't adhere. Then while perusing the craft aisle at the Walmart, I saw the skeins of yarn and was inspired. The yarn hair worked amazingly well. To add the finishing touch, Evan found some animal safari stickers that he used to decorate Diego's vest and shirt.

Diego turned out awesome and Evan was so proud of him.


dr said...

Diego turned out great. Evan is becoming so crafty like his mommy!

jensenbo said...

Love the Diego. Ev loves the arts and it shows.

fisher said...

love Diego, but he looks more like Obama dressed as Diego. funny!