Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pizza Crust Makeover

My Grama J always used to tell us to eat the crusts off of our sandwiches because it would make our hair curly. I find myself repeating many of the mantras told to me in my youth to my own children - the crust theory being one of them. Most of the time the kids respond to me by saying they are not going to eat it because they don't want their hair to be curly.

Last night the kids were eating pizza for dinner and Evan kept shoving his pizza crusts over the counter at me.

Mom: Evan! Stop pushing your crusts at me! I don't want them!

Evan: I am giving them to you so you can eat them and they will make your hair curly. Then all the boys will think you are HOT!

I guess I better plug in those hot rollers I found in my bathroom closet!


dr said...

That is too funny.
From Ev's curly haired auntie, I am not sure the theory holds true. But, maybe I should start to eat more crusts. Pregnancy has made my hair straighter and straighter...

jensenbo said...

So cute!!