Sunday, February 21, 2010

Because she never wants to be left out.

When I finished interviewing the boys, Hailey came in and sat on the chair and told me it was her turn. My gut impulse was to tell her that she was too little, but then I realized that she isn't. Some of the questions that I asked the boys didn't apply, so I skipped over them but all in all, she did great. Here is Hailey's first interview at just over three years old.

Favorite food: grapes

Favorite drink: milk

Favorite show: Dora

Favorite color: red (always her first guess when I ask her what color something is)

Favorite movie: Krypto the Superdog (not really a movie)

Favorite holiday: Easter (after I had to tell her all the holidays)

Favorite friend to play with: Mommy or Ella

Favorite kind of ice cream: American ice cream

Hero: Mommy ( I told her a hero was someone that you wanted to be like...awwww.)

What are you scared of: alligators

Favorite book: Fancy Nancy or Franklin

Favorite animal: turtle ( I think Franklin was still on the brain)

Favorite game: Hide n' seek ( the reason that she can count like a champ)

Favorite place to visit: Mrs. Lynch's

Favorite restaurant: mac n' cheese

What do you want to be when you grow up: play with Mommy

Hailey Marie, you are such a delight! Every morning you wake up with a great attitude and a big smile ready to start your day. You are busy and seemingly into everything all the time. Mostly things that you shouldn't be into. You keep me on my toes - that is for sure! I can't believe how fast you are growing up! I love you so much my sweet baby girl!

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jensenbo said...

How cute --- she had some great answers!! She is a doll and so much fun to be with!!