Friday, February 19, 2010

One boring afternoon in February...

My kids love to be "interviewed" by me. I love to hear their answers to my questions. It is a good way to document a "moment" of their lives because chances are if I asked the same questions a week later, their answers would be totally different.

Here is Evan's latest interview from his fast approaching six year old self.

Favorite food: chocolate

Favorite drink: chocolate milk

Favorite show: Super Hero Squad

Favorite color: red and black

Favorite movie: Curious George

Favorite holiday: Valentines Day (I think proximity had a lot to do with this one)

Favorite treat: candy

Favorite friend at school: Sammi ( a girl)

Favorite friend at home: Mommy

Favorite flavor of ice cream: chocolate

Your hero: Spencer (awww)

What are you scared of?: The inside of pumpkins (so cute and funny!)

Favorite books: action books (no idea)

Favorite animal: lions, tigers and cats

Favorite game: kill the man (thanks Daddy!)

Favorite place to visit: Grama's house and the Dells

Favorite thing to do in school: art or technology

Favorite sport: soccer or baseball

Favorite restaurant: Red Robin

I just can't get enough of this kid! He is funny and silly and so enthusiastic about everything that he does. We have some big decisions coming up concerning our middle child and my heart is heavy with concern. I pray that what we should do will be made clear and the outcome will be what is best for him. Evan Daniel you are loved so very much!


jensenbo said...

Yes, he is loved so much and I'm thrilled that he loves coming over to my house!! Don't worry so much about the decisions you need to make --- whatever you decide, Evan will do fine since like you said he is enthusiastic and passionate about everything he does.

dr said...

Evan is such a dear kid. I love him so much. It is fun hearing his responses to your interviews. What a great idea and a wonderful way to capture him at a particular place and time.
I am glad he likes coming to Wisconsin, too!