Thursday, January 28, 2010

Party 'til the cats come home

Yesterday was Dickens' birthday. I don't know if it is his "actual" birthday but right around the correct time frame. We know that he was born last year near the end of January, so we just assigned him the 27th for a date since it is the same date as Spencer's birthday.

Of course we had a little party for our cat! As if we would ever bypass an opportunity to bake and eat a cake!

The kids were a lot more excited than Dickens was about his birthday. They all loved singing "Happy Birthday" to him and then meowing it to him.

And no, I did not buy first birthday hats for a cat party. I found them in the cupboard with other various leftover birthday supplies. They were from Spencer's first birthday party - a mere eight (almost) years ago. I am on a mission of organization in my house right now, but obviously have not gotten to that cabinet yet. Even though, that is where my issue with getting rid of stuff is - if I had organized that cabinet last week, I probably would have thrown those hats away. Look how handy and perfect they were this week. I want to be frugal and re-use and re-purpose things, but I am also WAY over the clutter. OK, back to the point of the post, I could go on about my organization mission for hours and I am sure I will at a later date. I am sure you will all be waiting for that one with bated breath.

Our little Dickens is one year old - even though he hasn't been part of our family for a year until March. (Yes! Another day to eat cake!) We could not have picked out a better cat. He seems to love all of us, he wants to be around us all the time. He likes to be around all people. I laugh that he is more like a dog than a cat. He is not a typical aloof cat, he will come to you when you call him and when he hears our garage door going up, he runs to the door and peeks his head up to the window and waits for us to come in. The kids do not always treat him with "gentle" hands, yet he has never really hurt them and keeps coming back for more. Sure he scratches or nips at them once in a while, but most of those times they really deserve it. He really is the best cat ever.

Happy Birthday Dickie-Boy!


Brandi said...

Any excuse for cake... I'm with ya! Great pics! :)

dr said...

Happy Birthday, Dickie-boy! It feels like you have had him longer than 1 year to me.
Mmm. I could go for some cake right now, too.

jensenbo said...

Little Dickie --- you are a good little cat--- even though you freaked me out last year when you were a tiny little kitten and fell off the couch and hurt your little leg. Good thing Grampa Paul was around.