Friday, January 22, 2010

We should have given her a dictionary.

Hailey is turning into a bit of a drama girl. Last week I had to take her to the pediatricians office for her three year well check. The minute I told her that she was going to the doctor, she started fussing
and fake crying and telling me that she didn't want to go. Since the last times we have gone to the doctor the kids have gotten shots, I kind of understand her not wanting to go. She asked me if she had to get a shot and I told her that I didn't know. Because I honestly didn't. I had a hunch that she would be getting one - but I didn't know for certain and why add fuel to an already flaming fire?

She was clingy the whole time in the waiting room. It
makes it quite difficult to fill out the clipboard full of
papers they give you when you have a three year old clinging to your arm for dear life. Not to mention that it seems ridiculous to me that I have to fill out a whole new extensive family history sheet for all three of my kids at the beginning of each year. Do they have computers? Cross reference much?

She was practically in tears when the nurse was taking her temperature and giving her a hearing test. She probably knew that the consent form I had to sign for the nurse meant that a poke was in her imminent future. When the doctor came in, she wouldn't even leave my lap. Luckily, he is an awesome, understanding man and did his exam while I was still holding her. Aside from the shot drama, which was minimal compared to some of the episodes one of her older brothers has acted out in the past, her appointment was great. She is completely healthy and seems to be right on track. She is actually tall for her age, which I suspected, but didn't know how likely it was since both of the boys have always been average or below average on the height charts. She fits perfectly into 3T clothes at three years of age. I am used to buying for the boys and they are always at least one size below their age as far as pants go. Tall and skinny. Could modeling be in her future? Not if she has anything to say about it.

For her birthday she received a whole dress up trunk of Disney princess costumes and a "Belle" ball gown. In the past, she has been all about dress up and having tea parties and playing with her pretties. The other day I got out the dresses and asked her if she wanted to have a fashion show for her brothers. At first she thought it was a great idea, but as I started to help put the clothes on her she started whining and fake crying and telling me that she didn't want to put them on because they were too "spicy".

She knows the word spicy and uses it correctly as it pertains to food. I couldn't figure out what she was trying to say about the dresses. Scratchy? Itchy? Starchy? Some strange combination of many words? Maybe she thought they were a little risque for her three year old figure? Maybe spicy in that sense of the word? I don't know, but she insisted time after time that they were too spicy. At least the tops were. She liked the skirts and decided that she could wear those as the whole ensemble. Talk about spicy! The girl just cracks me up sometimes.

I was so excited about the "Belle" dress that she got from Grama, because Trent is putting on the musical Beauty and the Beast in the spring. How cute will it be for her to wear her dress to the play? We will have to ease her into it with some additional dress up days. She didn't even have the dress on for a full minute before she started crying about it's spicy-ness.....

...and there it goes!


jensenbo said...

What a hoot!! She looks adorable in those photos. My oldest granddaughter is getting so grown-up-looking and such a living doll!!

She could be a model!!

jensenbo said...

Just thinking about the dictionary, etc ---- maybe Hailey meant the clothes were too "fancy" since she's been reading all those "Fancy Nancy" books. :))

Brandi said...

LOL! She is great! OMW ~ I have a 'fake' crier too... drives me nuts! Love the pics. Just adorable. :)

dr said...

I love these photos of Hailey and think her description of them as "spicy" is just hilarious. Think of how much we would have LOVED those dresses as kids - but we were probably a bit older when into dress-up.
She looks SO grown up to miss. We miss her!