Friday, January 1, 2010

Rolling in the New Year!

We spent our New Years Eve eating cheese fondue for dinner and having "parfaits" for dessert. Ooh La La!
The kids sported some very festive hats and not much else!

At 7:15 we were at the bowling alley for our two hours of bowl-o-rama! The kids had a ball rolling the ball with their second cousins and blowing noisemakers in each others ears. They feasted on a pizza buffet and drank root beer. They even got to throw some confetti around.

When the 9:15 "new year" countdown was over, the kids were pretty tired, but determined to make it to midnight and see the ball drop.

We went home and dug up some left over fireworks from the fourth of July. A couple of neighbors threatened to call the cops on us, but we just invited them over to join in the fun and all was well!

Snow and fireworks is a pretty cool combination!

We all almost missed midnight and the ball dropping. Trent, Evan and I were all hunkered down in blankets on the couch and Spence was on the floor. I woke up at ten minutes to midnight and saw that everyone was asleep. I woke up Trent and we tried to wake the kids, but they were not interested in the New Year anymore. They were totally exhausted.

We have spent the first day of the new decade hanging around the house and working on some little fix-it projects. I started to take down the Christmas decorations and will finish that task up tomorrow (hopefully). We are stuffed full of beef barley soup, s'more brownies and cranberry-pomegranate martinis. We started our new year with a major change in our household (more on that later) and right now I am re-thinking that decision as I try to type this and keep getting interrupted by an almost three year old little girl.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2010!


Brandi said...

How can you go wrong with cheese fondue?! ;) Well, y'all rolled in the new year just right! :) Have fun cleaning... I'm doing the same thing. Ugh.

dr said...

Looks like you had such a fun New Years Eve! No "luxury baths"? We were in the bowling spirit, too, except we did ours on Wii. And didn't make it even close to midnight.
Happy 2010! We miss you guys.

jensenbo said...

What a fun New Year's eve you all had!!! Bowling is always a fun sport --- and fireworks --- what can beat that??!! Happy 2010!!!