Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's like the end of an era!

On New Year's day, we said goodbye to a long standing fixture in our household. We thought it fitting to bid it farewell on a holiday - the start of a new year - what better time is there to make a fresh start? So we got out the tools and dismantled our baby crib.

I have to admit that it wasn't as hard as I feared it would be. I mean mentally and emotionally, not the physical taking apart of the crib. I guess that I have come to terms with the fact that my life is complete with my three children. If I were ten years younger...well, that might be another story. (If you wonder what that noise is, it is my husband running at a frenzied pace toward the phone to schedule his vasectomy. Ha!)

Our crib served us well. It provided a cozy, safe, little environment for all of our children for the past almost nine years. I remember the day Trent and I brought the crib home. We had ordered it through the JC Penny catalog and they shipped it to the local store for pickup. We drove there is my Saturn SC2 (a two-doored coupe style car with a back seat that folded down). The delivery guy and Trent carried the crib in its box and the mattress outside and the guy just looked at the car and looked at us like we were insane. I tend to have a knack for spacial relations and could tell by looking at it that it would be tight, but the box would fit. The guy just kept insisting that it would not and we were going to need a truck or a much bigger vehicle to get our ensemble home. I was starting to get mad. I had been looking forward to getting this crib all day long and there was no way that this guy was going to talk me out of it. I told the guy that he could just go back in the store - that we had it from here - he was relinquished from his need to be there. He continued to stare at me like I was a crazy person. Trent, being the level headed guy that he is, told the guy that he was not going to argue with his pregnant, angry, insistent wife and couldn't we just try to see if the box would fit in the car? The guy huffily agreed to help Trent lift the box in the car and what do you know? Perfect fit. I looked at the guy and just smiled huge and said "I told YOU!" So we drove home with our new baby crib in our little car and set it up immediately in the room where it has been sitting for almost nine years.

Before we took it apart, I made the kids get in it so I could take their picture. The boys were less than thrilled at first, but then they all had a hoot wrestling around in their old bed.


dr said...

Great photos - what a fun idea. Your recount of picking up the crib made me laugh. I can totally imagine that scenario. All of these milestones are so emotional - I never could have imagined. I hope the big girl bed continues to go well for Hailey.

jensenbo said...

Love it!! What a cute post and darling photos of the three kids in their baby crib. Lots of emotion in that one.