Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First born

The theme for this weeks I heart faces challenge is "We are Family". I had a couple ideas that involved a tripod and a self timer to get a couple of shots of my family, but just haven't had the time or healthy enough children to implement my plan.

When I think of my favorite family photographs, this one always pops into my head. To me it just exemplifies how parents feel about their children - especially their first born children - they are the center of their world.

What makes this photograph even more special to me is that the little girl in the picture is my niece and she is about to become a big sister in a few weeks. I hope that when my sister and brother in law look at this photo it takes them back to the earlier days of parenthood.

Go check out i heart faces to see more amazing pictures of amazing families of all kinds.


Brandi said...

Aww, so sweet! Great picture!

jensenbo said...

I love this photo of sweet little Mirabel and her adoring parents.

dr said...

Wow - my baby looks so little here. I cannot believe what a difference a year can make. This is a wonderful photo. Thanks so much for taking it. Big changes in store for us!