Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Down on Skid Row (and other places)

Warning:  There is a crazy amount of pictures in this post.  In fact, I am not really going to write much, only comment on things I want to remember about this crazy, busy, weekend we had.  

Thursday night -

We went to opening night of Trent's show Little Shop of Horrors.  The kids love to hang out back stage and Hailey loves to dress up and put on makeup with the big girls, but I told them that for the first show they were going to sit in the audience and watch the whole thing. 

After the show Spencer practices a little dental hygiene on his little brother.

All three hanging out in the dentist's office.  As you can see, Hailey got some time with the big girls.

Hanging out with Audrey II.  I think they were still just a little bit creeped out by her at this point.

Friday night - 

The kids got home from school on Friday and were just exhausted.  Spencer went up to lay in his bed and play games on his itouch.  Hailey was stretched out on the couch with her yummy fingers and could have probably slept the night away.  But alas, there was no time for sleeping.   Spencer and Hailey were going back to the school to hang out during the play and Evan and I were going to Mother Son night at the hockey game.  Spencer decided he would rather be at the show then the hockey game which was fine with me.  Evan was into the game for the first period and then was pretty much ready to go.

The game ended about 9:30 or so than we had to drive the twenty minutes out to the school to pick up H and S since there was a cast party that night.  By the time we got home we were all beyond beat.

Evan and I at the game.  The only picture I have of Mother Son night.

Saturday afternoon -

A day of rest was thwarted by the Pinewood Derby.   We all headed to the VFW to watch the cars race down the track.

Evan and his Steve (the guy from Minecraft) car.

Spencer and his Creeper.  (The bad guy in Minecraft?)

We knew the boys' cars were going to be pretty slow.  I told Evan on the way over that the only chance he really had at coming home with a trophy was if the boys voted that his car was the coolest or had the best paint job.  Then I said that was even a long shot since some kids might not even know what Minecraft was.  To which Evan replied to me "Mom, every kid my age knows what Minecraft is!"  OK.  Maybe it is just the mom's that don't.

Evan ready to race Steve. 

Hailey entertained herself during the LONG event by coloring pictures. 

And taking silly pictures with my phone.

Spencer watching one of his races.

The boys each race four times.  Once in each lane of the track.  I was so happy that I had my camera out at this moment.  I caught Evan just as his car crossed the finish line in first place.  It was the only race of the day where one of the boys finished first.

Running back to his buddies so excited!

Celebrating a first place run!

Both boys came home with trophies.  Evan won for coolest car and Spencer won for best paint job which is funny since his car is not even painted, we just Modpodged printed paper to it.   They might not be fast, but they are CREATIVE!

Saturday night -

Back to the show.  All three of the kids decided they wanted to be hobos.

All of them at curtain call, it is hard to see Hailey in the dark shadows, but she is there - with a big girl.

Our hobo children. 

 A hobo goes to the dentist.  Spencer looks up to these actors so much. 

Sunday afternoon -

The boys left early in their hobo attire to go to the school and get made up.  I convinced Hailey to stay with me and sit in the audience since I knew that some of her friends would be in attendance.

Before we left we curled up her hair and painted her fingernails green and purple to match with Audrey II.
She told me that she thought she looked like part techie and part DooWop girl.

 Hanging out by the director and his gift from the cast.  I am sure she was begging to go into the girls dressing room as well.  

I didn't even notice when the show began that Evan was one of the bums laying on the stage.  Trent told me and I whipped out the camera just in time. 

Evan came out during the show quite a bit.  I saw him dancing in the aisles at one point.  I know Spencer was around, but I never saw him until curtain call.

I just had to laugh that one minute Spencer was way off to the side and the next he is front and center next to the leads of the show.   The boy was born for the spotlight.  I just wish he would embrace it a little more.

The boys tried to scare little kids with the Audrey II puppets after the show. 

Our family - ready to be home from Skid Row and ready to enjoy a little bit of downtime.

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