Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ballerina girl

I can't believe I have been meaning to post these photos for almost a week now.  I don't know how time gets away from me.  Most days I feel like I get nothing accomplished, but I don't sit down until the kids are in bed.  Where in the world is that time going?
Hailey is taking a ballet class.  Like a real ballet class.  We called the dance classes she took last spring ballet, but it really wasn't.  Mostly it was just a bunch of girls running around and shaking their booties to Justin Bieber songs.   So in this class where they are actually learning ballet moves - first position, second position, plies and whatever other names I don't know because I was never in a ballet class - Hailey doesn't understand why it is not like the old class used to be.  She thinks this class is hard.
Last Thursday was parent watch day and she was kind of nervous about it.  She didn't really want any grownups watching her because she didn't think she was very good at it.   I reassured her that I didn't care if she was the worst in the class as long as she was having fun and trying her best.

It was funny because she saw I had my camera out and I could see her mind working to make it a point to get as far away from my lens as she could.  Stinker. 

She didn't know the power of the zoom.

After the class she was dying to see the pictures I took, so don't think I was torturing her by getting her dance moves on a memory card.

I swear her favorite part of the class was pulling out her hair ribbon and having one of the "big girls" come over and put it back in for her.   She loves her some big girls.

This was my favorite part.  I don't know what they called it but their little legs went out to the side in time to the music and it was great.  She did awesome.  I don't know why she thought she was so bad at ballet.

"Does she still have that camera out?"

During the freeze dance portion of the program is when the true dancing Hailey made her appearance.


She also liked the part where they got to play with musical instruments.

Rocking their "babies".   This was a really cute dance as well.

Back to the corner for the end of class. 
I certainly don't think that she will be a prima ballerina or that she has any desire to be.  I just know that at this point in her life, she loves to dance.  I think it will be a good thing for her to learn a bit of gracefulness with a few ballet steps and movements.   When this class is done if she doesn't feel like ballet is her thing, we will move on to another type of dance she likes more. 

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