Thursday, March 7, 2013


A couple of mornings ago while I was "soft brushing" Hailey's hair before school she told me that she wanted her hair to look flippy.  I didn't know what she meant so I asked her if she knew someone with flippy hair so I could understand what she meant by it.  She told me that flippy meant that it was curly, but not curly all over just where it was flippy.  I asked her if she could draw a picture and about a minute before we had to leave for the bus, she brought me this. 

OK - now I see the flippy hair!
I dug my old big barreled curling iron out of the linen closet and plugged it in the next morning.   She was a little nervous because she had a bad experience once with the straight iron.  In my defense, it is harder than it looks to curl or straighten someone's hair other than your own and since she NEVER lets me do it, I don't have much practice.   We made it through some flippy curls without incident. 

I am thrilled about this latest interest in her hair.  It is amazing what a difference even a few half baked curls do for her overall hair do.   The curls probably don't last through her bus ride, but we are easing our way into it.  The minute the hot iron touches an ear or I pull too hard this whole thing will be over.  Fingers crossed...

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