Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fairies and Leprechauns

On Saturday morning Hailey told me that she had another wiggly tooth.   She wiggled with her tongue and twisted with her fingers all day on Saturday trying to get that thing out.   When it got to be close to bedtime and she still hadn't had any luck, she asked me if I could just yank it for her.  I told her that I didn't want to do that because it might hurt her and that she should just give it a little more time - it obviously wasn't quite ready to come out and it would most likely come out the next day.  That wasn't a good enough answer for her.  She wanted the tooth fairy and the leprechaun to be at our house on the same night.  So she took matters into her own hands (literally) and yanked the little tooth out all by herself. 

Then she happened to find a pirate hook that was laying around and started calling herself "Tooth Ripper".
It was pretty funny.  Lucky for me I was on top of things and managed to get a video of her doing it for future posterity.

Then the kids set up their Leprechaun trap and went to bed anxious to wake up and see if they were successful this year at catching one of the little mischief makers.

They woke up to find no Leprechaun in the trap, but green footprints and a moved ladder and some mysterious green fluid in the potty.  And of course there were some golden chocolate coins.  I was still in bed when Hailey discovered all the mayhem, but Trent was down stairs and said that she ran to the trap and immediately started saying "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh" over and over again.  That might have made breaking my back scrubbing away all those Leprechaun tracks worth it.

I know there has been a blog post that has gone viral over the last few days about the holidays being out of control and that mothers have to dial it back.  I agree with that in some instances.  I don't know when the 100th day of school became a big thing - we never celebrated it when I was in school back in the dark ages.  It is fine that they celebrate it, but it seems to always fall right before Valentines Day so there is a week of craftapalooza around here.  It can be a bit overwhelming.   Although this year all the 100 day activities seemed to take place at school alone.  All I had to do was send in a couple spools of curling ribbon.  Done. I agree that children don't need more candy and goody bags full of crap from each holiday party.  The stuff is one thing, but I feel like the motives behind the "stuff" is pure.  I think we are just trying to make everyday special, but maybe going about it in the wrong way.

I get it.  I see how people can feel like they have to do so much to keep up, but I don't think they have to feel that way.  I am a mother who actually LIKES to do stuff like that.   It it rewarding for me to see my kids get excited about a few green footprints on the floor.  I don't do it to look like a great mother.  I don't do it to judge mothers that don't want to do that.  I do it because my kids love it and I want to do it.  I don't think it makes me better than anyone else.  So please don't condemn mothers who go a little crafty crazy at times. What is wrong with turning an ordinary day a little magical?  Doesn't childhood go by fast enough? If we want our kids to believe in fairies that give money for teeth and little men that leave green footprints and coins for a little longer, what is the harm in that?

Besides you might just open your son's back pack and find something like this inside...

Who is worth more to you than gold?

My mom is worth more than gold to me because she is helpful, nice and fun. 


I vow to keep their childhood magical for as long as I possibly can.

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