Thursday, March 21, 2013

Out of the backpack

If there was any question about whether or not Hailey was excited about the father and daughter dance, I will put it to rest right now.

I found two pictures that she drew before the event.  They both include a disco ball.  I am so glad that there actually was a disco ball.  Dreams come true.

Actually, she drew the first one at the restaurant before they went to the dance.  You will notice that her hair is quite curly in that one due to the hot rollers we used on her head for the first time.   In the picture she drew at school, she didn't know the magic of the hot rollers and just envisioned herself with flippy hair.

They have been practicing writing at school lately.  The teacher gives them a prompt and they finish the sentence.  This day the prompt was My Grandma...

You can see Hailey finished it with "lets me sleep over".  Pretty good sounding out and stretching of the words.  I love the picture as well.  Hailey and Grama in Grama's bed and Toby and Bonnie doll in their own little bed.

Evan has been crazy into drawing comic books lately and he does a pretty amazing job with them.  I found this drawing in his back pack and it made me laugh.

Never shop alone in an abandoned store.  Good advice.  And I love the little guy in the corner yelling RUN!

I found this one on the back of the other drawing.  I don't know why they were talking about fire safety in March, but I liked how he put the cat in the kitchen with him. 

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