Friday, March 15, 2013


I have a big flower pot in my garage that I planted bulbs in this fall.   The directions said to keep it in "cold storage" and covered with newspapers until we didn't have to worry about frost threats anymore.  I noticed the newspapers were all wonky and went to take a look and the plants are emerging.  They are about a foot high. I don't know what to do since we woke up this morning to about a quarter inch of snow.  I don't think they should be outside, but they are not getting sun in the garage.  I will be so bummed if all my bulbs get ruined.

Hailey and I got our Easter decorations out last night.  I have to admit that I was not really feeling the decorating.  It seems like our house is constantly cluttered and chaotic enough without adding seasonal decor to the mix.  We aren't even going to be in town for Easter so why get everything out?  But I pushed through those feelings and did it for the kids.  They love the decorations.  I remember how much I used to love it too.

I told myself I have to lose two more pounds before I can download some songs I am wanting.   The scale seems to be stuck and it is beyond frustrating. 

I have been doing great on my organizing tasks lately.  Not that you could tell by looking at my house.  It is more the stuff that is tucked away but you just know is there in a disorganized, messy pile.  I went through all the photos on my computer and burned copies to DVDs and combined folders and deleted a bunch of stuff.  I am working on organizing the kids school papers.  I found an idea on Pinterest that rocked my world.  It is funny how things snowball.  One little bit of organizing makes you feel so good that you tend to do more. 

This Sunday starts the week of H-E-double hockey sticks before the musical.  Of course it seems like we have a million things going on in the evenings.  An informational meeting about transitioning to first grade (seriously is this year going by fast!!!), Evan has baseball tryouts, Spencer has an eye appointment, all of that on top of the usual evening events and homework - UGH!  Time to get on my Single Mom Super Cape!

I told you this was going to be random!

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