Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Holiday Shenanigans

It has been a busy two weeks around here and there is no end in sight.  Our calender looks like someone just took it and scribbled all over it.  Unfortunately that is not the case - it is just filled with appointments, practices for the spring sports that start this week and reminders about things happening at school.  I am sure there will be much to blog about, but until then we need to back up a bit to the week of spring break.   Here comes another post with lots and lots of pictures.
On Friday morning we loaded up the family truckster and hit the road for Madison.  It was smooth sailing and we made it there not too late into the afternoon.  The boys quickly settled into Minecraft on Aunt DayDay's computer and Hailey was in heaven playing with Mirabel and Lainey.
One of her lifelong dreams even came true when the girls decided to have a slumber party.
 They just look like trouble don't they?  Actually the slumber party went pretty well until Hailey woke up about two hours earlier than the rest of the house and decided it was time for Mira and Lainey to get up as well.   For the days that followed a plan was put into place that when Hailey woke up she had to go straight to Grama's bedroom and lay with her in there.

The next day we all headed downtown for the Easter bonnet parade around the capital.   You could wear any hat you wanted, it didn't have to be an Easter bonnet which was good since my kids have lots of hats but not an Easter bonnet to be found.

Lainey was anti bonnet in this photo.  Spencer became anti hat a bit later. 

My twin guys in their awesome specs!

Spencer was suddenly adamant about me not taking his picture wearing his crab hat.  Mind you, this is the hat HE picked out for himself.  We did not force him to participate or wear it.  He had plenty of other hats to choose from.  I don't know what was going on in his head - maybe the crabbiness was just sinking in a little far.  You see what I did there?

It became a quest to get a shot of him wearing the hat.  Every time I pointed the camera in his direction, he would whip it off.

Uncle Mark tries to strong arm him a bit to help my quest.

Got him!

Just as I had Hailey and her daddy pose, some guy from the newspaper or maybe just some random guy (weird) started taking their picture as well.  What can I say, they are cute.

Cousins on the square.

Evan had no issues at all with wearing his hat around.  That kid just slays me.

I told Spencer that if he wasn't going to wear the hat, then I would.  He wasn't much happier with that plan. 

After the walk around the square, we headed to AJ Bombers for lunch.  The kids were loving the peanuts that they actually bombed the tables with.

The girls were loving the fact that they got to write all over the restaurant - walls included.  

Later that afternoon we dug into tradition and colored some Easter eggs.

It is so fun when Easter falls over spring break and the cousins can get together and make memories over fun holiday things like this.

After the eggs were done, the kids discovered that the bunny came a little bit early and hid some eggs outside for them to find.

They were thrilled. 
The next morning they all got up at a fairly decent hour and the hunt for more eggs and baskets began.

It didn't take long for Spencer to dive into his new Minecraft LEGO set.  Evan was an ipad maniac.  He discovered a new game kind of like Battleship, so he and daddy were bombing each other all weekend.

The girls and their dolls and their beautiful dresses.

The boys get in the picture. 

There's my photogenic girl!  I don't know why she seemed a little grumpy during the Easter finest photo session.

The whole family at numerous tables for Easter dinner.  

And of course, the famous bunny cake for dessert.  It didn't turn out too bad for something sister and I whipped up right before dinner.

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