Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trails and tailbones

After spending basically the whole day in the car on Tuesday, on Wednesday we decided we needed to get out in the fresh air and move a little.  I had heard rumors that the channel that connects Mona Lake to Lake Michigan was totally dried up at the mouth so I figured it would be pretty cool for the kids (and us) to be able to walk across the channel.  So we all bundled up and headed to the park. 

We thought maybe we could walk right along the channel since the water was so low, so we made our way down the bank but couldn't get very far along the shore, so headed back up to the trail.  I was glad that I had the kids bundle, because I was a little taken aback to find out that the trail was still pretty much packed snow and ice. 

We got to the mouth of the channel and discovered that it wasn't totally sanded over.  It certainly needs to be dredged, but you could get a little boat through without much difficulty.  The picture above is of Hailey standing in the mouth of the channel.

My kids are always drawn to the big rocks that surround the channels so they played on those for a bit.  It was way colder than it looked down by the water.  I thought the kids would hang out on the beach and play, but it was too breezy and they were freezing. 

We quickly made our way up into the dunes to get out of the wind.  Of course Trent knew of a couple of geocaches that were new to the park so we started out on a trek to hunt down some finds.

We found this dip in the dunes where we were totally out of the wind and in the sun. It felt so nice and warm, we sat down to hang out for a bit.   Spencer quickly found a peak that he could jump off.

Evan decided to follow his lead and that is where disaster took place.  Instead of landing on his feet, his boots slipped out from under him and he landed smack on his butt.  We could hear the thud that was quickly followed by crying.  I said a silent prayer that we were not going to have to carry him out of the dunes with a broken tailbone.  I ran over to him and hugged him and told him he would be OK just relax.  He sat on my soft cushiony lap for a little bit as I instructed the other two kids that the jumping portion of our day was now over.   Trent started to joke with Evan that we would have to take him to the hospital to get him a "two holed butt cast".  Evan thought that was pretty funny and was starting to feel a little better.

Soaking in the Vitamin D in the warm sun.

After a bit, he was feeling like his self with a slightly sore tush so we made our way through the rest of the trails.

Evan and I had to lag behind a bit because it hurt a little for him to walk.   Since we were taking our time, we found some cool things along the way - like his initials carved into a tree trunk.

We finally caught up to the rest of them while they were searching furiously for the first cache.  After Evan and I arrived, Daddy quickly spotted it.

I still LOVE these glasses on him!
The second cache took him longer to find.  Can you see it there in the picture by his finger?  It was insane!

Barring our little incident of bruising a tailbone, it was a great day to be outside enjoying nature and hanging out together.   I took this shot right before we headed down the dune to the parking lot.  As always, it is amazing to me that we live so close to such a beautiful place.  Other folks have to go on vacations to see the sights that we can see in our own backyard.

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