Thursday, April 25, 2013

Let them buy cake!

The boys had their Cub Scout father and son cake bake last week.   The pack does it every two years as a fundraiser.  The boys get to bid on the cakes that are made and then the highest bidder walks away with a fabulous cake and the knowledge that you just did a little bit of good for the pack.  

Two years ago, my boys did a lot of good by purchasing three cakes between them.   I walked out of the school gym sixty dollars poorer.  I told the boys that was not going to happen this year.  At the most we were only going to purchase two cakes and not go over twenty dollars per cake. 

Evan and Dad whipped up this campfire cake that turned out pretty cute.  I think his cake fetched almost thirty dollars in bids. 

Spencer wanted to fashion a Minecraft sword.  Honestly, it looked a little rough.  Fondant would have been a much better option for frosting, but when you are under a time crunch, you do the best with what you've got.  As with most things in his life, he didn't put much effort into it.  I don't remember what Spencer's cake went for, but I know it took a bit to get the bidding going and then it went for pretty cheap.

At the auction, Evan bid a couple of times on different cakes but was always outbid.  Finally he decided he wasn't letting this Phillies cake get away from him. (The Phillies is the baseball team he plays for this year).  He looked to me for permission to go over his twenty dollar limit and snatched it for twenty three dollars.  He was pretty stoked.

Spencer had his eye on the last cake that was auctioned off.  It was a pretty elaborate cake of a camping scene with fondant people and the works.  He was quickly outbid at his twenty five dollar max.   

So this year we got out of the cake bake for only twenty three dollars.  Pretty good in my opinion.  The boys were great.  They knew their limits and stuck to them for the most part.  They didn't get mad or disappointed if they were outbid.  It couldn't have gone better. 

Of course when we got home and cut into the Phillies cake, we discovered it was a strawberry flavored cake and none of the kids wanted to eat it.

Oh well,  at least we can write it off as a contribution.

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jensenbo said...

Yummy ---- those cakes look delious!! Good job with the campfire cake especially, and glad Evan got this Philly Cake!!