Friday, April 12, 2013


It was pretty nice outside last weekend.  Compared to the dreary rain we have endured all this week with no end in sight, it was down right gorgeous.  Anyway, I have this pot that I planted full of bulbs last fall that I love. It was an idea I found in a magazine and I thought it would be beautiful on our front steps.  Right now it is still spending a lot of time in our garage since I am worried about temperatures dipping back into freezing overnight and mostly I am worried about the rampant deer that walk around our neighborhood thinking that I am serving them dinner in a sweet little pot.
Over the weeknd I thought I would snap a quick shot of it before the deer manage to get at it.  There is still another type of bulb that has yet to show up.  I know I planted three kinds.  For the life of me I can't remember what the other kind was though.  Maybe tulips?

As I was shooting the flowers, Hailey got out the Batter Batter Baseball and started hitting balls.  I know they are only wiffle balls, but holy cow she was whaling on those things!

I loved the intense facial expressions that I was able to get.

Four balls within a few inches of each other.  Pretty consistent hitting there my little baseball slugger girl!

Unless some miracle occurs this season, her soccer career will come to an end with this season.  I think next spring I may have to sign her up for softball.  I  have a couple of cousins who were great softball players and my grandma was a super awesome player - even part of the women's sofball league during the war.

Everytime she would hit all the balls in the sleeve, she would look at me and blow on her bat like it was on fire.  She is so funny.

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dr said...

Go Hailey! We gave M the choice of T-Ball or HipHop dance lessons this summer. She chose t-ball. She will be ready for a game with her cousins this summer!