Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doctor, doctor...

...give me the news.  I got a bad case of lovin' you!
Spencer had his eleven year old well check up last week.  Due to me forgetting to make an appointment for him years ago and insurance making us only have one well check per year, his yearly check up is almost six months after he turns that year.  I guess on the bright side, we will eventually get back to July.
He is in perfect health.  I wasn't sure if my big eleven year old boy would still want me in the room with him or not, but thankfully he did.  He was most worked up about the fact that he was due for an booster vaccination.  Oh the tears in his eyes!  I felt bad for him, but not that bad.  He has survived many a poke without a tear - he was going to be fine!
Eleven years old!  The doctor asked him if kids he knew smoked or did drugs.  Thankfully he said no.  It seems like just yesterday we were talking about not having small toys on the floor that he could put in his mouth and now cigarettes!  Holy moly!
The doctor suggested that he get a cholesterol test because they are recommending them for preteens now.  Spence didn't like that suggestion much,

In fact, he tried to come up with every excuse in the book to sway me from walking across the building to the lab.  It turned out that the nurse that took his blood was the parent of one of his Daddy's former students.  She was a big fan of Trent and was so nice to Spence - explaining to him how everything was done and what it would feel like.  He got his blood drawn and realized that it was no big deal.  He was so proud of himself afterwards!  It was pretty cute.  He went to Trent's school to help him work on a show and was telling all the kids about how brave he was.

As we were leaving the office, I thought to myself how it had been a long time since we had been at the doctor's for anything.  I should have kept my mouth shut.  Fast forward to a week later and we are back - this time with Evan and his poor little eye bump.

I noticed it about a month ago, but it wasn't that big.  It wasn't something that I noticed every day and then last week it started looking big again.  After a quick google, I thought it might be a clogged oil duct and started the warm compress therapy that they recommended.   After a week of compresses, it still wasn't going away and if anything seemed more noticeable.  So yesterday we were back in the doctor's office waiting for two hours for him to tell me that in his opinion it was a clogged oil duct and that the warm compresses were exactly what we should have been doing.   The medical term for it is Chalazion - sounds kind of scary.  The doctor also prescribed some cream that I have to put on his lower lid to help if there is an infection.  If it doesn't show considerable improvement in a week, we will be back in the office for the trifecta.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

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